WING - Wireless Mesh Network
for Next-Generation Internet

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about open wing

WING is an open-source Wireless Mesh Networking platform aimed at hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Multiple radio interfaces support delivers improved spatial reuse and enhanced system throughput. An interference and traffic aware channel assignment algorithm is used in order to dynamically assign the operating frequencies.

No need of configuration, mesh boxes works out of the box. Nodes automatically detect whether they are relays or gateways.

Internet connectivity is provided by the Mesh Gateways using either wired or wireless links. Three tiers deployments are supported allowing connectivity to be provided using using point-to-multipoint wireless links.

WING implements several QoS enhancements aimed at improving the voice capacity of the system and at providing performance isolation among competing flows in noisy environments. Traffic differentiation is provided by means of a multi-queue system based on the DiffServ framework.

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